Mobile solutions for warehouse automation

Applying a mobility solution for warehouse management and distribution helps with the integration of the material and information flows. It has a significant potential for the competitiveness of the company. By choosing this solution, full traceability and control of the produced and purchased goods in all client bins is implemented and detailed information for every warehouse movement is assured in real-time in all warehouse zones of the client.

The technological and organizational potential of the mobile solutions have grown significantly during the recent years due to the appearance of a lot of powerful and affordable mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. These devices allow the creation of new applications, which functionality leads to optimization of complicated work processes and their automation on a reasonable price.

IFD Engineering has a rich experience in the successful development of mobile solutions for warehouse management, sales and orders processing. This experience enables us to get use of the opportunities that the new technologies provide. That helps us to successfully install them in clients in the retail, wholesale, storage, logistic sectors etc.

Mobile ON-OFFLINE functionality

What makes our mobile applications different is the so-called ON-OFFLINE functionality. It allows storage and buffering of information in a local database, including master data tables(e.g. price lists, items etc.). Thus, when no Internet connection is available the user can continue using the mobile device functions. The app saves and transfers the data to the system immediately after connecting. This enables the use of the app in a difficult working environment (underground warehouses, refrigerator rooms, arrays with low internet cnnectivity).

Mobile solutions for warehouse and trade – IFD Engineering Ltd

IFD mStore – mobile solution for warehouse management

IFD mStore is a simple, but effective .NET-based solution for mobile warehouse management. It works with industrial conditions- adapted mobile devices and automates the following warehouse actions:

  • Commissioning orders of clients
  • Warehouse accruals
  • Goods picking from the warehouse
  • Stocktaking
  • Moving from a warehouse to another

The application supports and extends the standard ERP functionality of the system. It simplifies the warehouse workflows – goods receipt, packing, internal warehouse movements, tracking of inventory and labels printing.

Mobile solutions for warehouse and trade – IFD Engineering Ltd

IFD mStore can be implemented in different ERP systems, because the communication is based on modern web technologies. They work like a communication layer between the mobile apps and the main ERP infrastructure. If the main system changes, the interface module IFD mConnect can take care of these changes. IFD mConnect consists of interface functions to the following ERP or warehouse systems:

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV ™
  • SAP Business One ™
  • IFD StoreIT

IFD mTrade – mobile trade solution

The mobile business solutions are getting more and more popular. On the one hand, they are often viewed as small applications because they are installed on a mobile device and on the other – there is a possibility for them to be integrated in the workflow of corporate business applications. Centralized and dynamic business logic is used so as to comply with the client requirements – and this optimizes the services, speed and their usage.

IFD mTrade is a universal PDA-based application for mobile trade with the following features:

  • Adding orders in the store and sending them to a distribution center by a mobile device (GPRS, 3G, EDGE)
  • Direct sales from microbuses with issuing invoices

The mobile technologies and instruments implementation allows high optimization and automation of the client processes. In this work environment, the ON_OFFLINE feature of the app is a very important factor, because out of the main office, the Internet connection can often be unstable. Even if there is no Internet connection, the user operations should not be hindered. Transferring the data to the central system is automatic when the Internet connection is resumed.