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Service | support | services – IFD Engineering Ltd

Service and support

We have a service and support center at our convenience for helping our clients and their business. Depending on individual needs, we offer different service level agreements (SLAs), with corresponding working hours and response times.

  • 5×8 standard: 5 days weekly / 8 hours
  • 5×12 extended: 5 days weekly / 12 hours
  • 5×24 silver: 5 days weekly / 24 hours
  • 7×24 gold: 7 days weekly / 24 hours

The reaction time in the support contract depends on the service and the problem level (0-3).

Сервиз | поддръжка | услуги – ИФД Инженеринг ООД

Service | support | services – IFD Engineering Ltd

Notification modes

We offer our clients a couple of different ways of alerting them in case of a problem:

  • E-mail, phone, fax notification
  • Automatic message notification
  • Notification through our Internet support portal

The messages, received on e-mail, phone or fax are manually entered in our support system, so that the case is numbered and possible to track through.

In some countries, our service center is accessible through a direct support telephone.