ERP wholesale solutions

The customized IFD Engineering Ltd solutions in the wholesale are based on the tested functionality of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ™ ERP system, that supplement many specialized functions and automation solutions. What is important is the high level of automation when taking orders, invoicing and document sending. Without this, the work of a couple of associates would be impossible – handling thousands of documents daily. IFD navRetail is an Add-On ERP solution, based on the long-term experience in the wholesale and trade. Using that experience and knowledge of the business processes, we developed a powerful and efficient IT solution for sellers and traders in various fields.

Our ERP solution IFD navRetail, based on Microsoft SQL Server ™ technology, integrates with the Microsoft Office products – Microsoft Outlook™, Word™ and Excel™. This integration allows the user to use data from the ERP system into these apps, so that daily references and documents can be created swiftly and easily. After the data is transferred to the Office products, it can be used for graphs and diagrams with analytical, forecasting or presentation purposes.

For effective and seamless work of an ERP solution in the wholesale and retail is to have criteria and requirements set about:

  • Investment and exploit costs
  • Higher investment security, using a standard software product
  • Intuitive and modern user interface
  • Ergonomic solution and its usability
  • Integration with the Microsoft Office products
  • Efficient and practical work processes
  • Interfaces with mobile solutions and/or apps for mobile sales
  • Extended support of mobile users
  • Integration of the accounting, planning and budget creation
  • Analytical data and references for the decision-making users
  • High and reliable support and hotline for questions in case of an accident (24/7 support)

Pros of IFD navRetail ERP solution:

  • Universal module for automatic processes management
  • Various interfaces for exporting and importing of big data imports
  • Specialized module for automatic price list generation
  • Automatic processing of orders from different sources
  • Client service center
  • Fully automated billing system
  • Integrated Business Intelligence module
  • Integrated app for mobile trade – IFD mTrade
  • System for automatic data exchange

Master data – source of quality service

The search and variety of the product master data from the clients is constantly growing. Interest is in lot numbers and their tracking, nutrition values, information about allergens and possible cross-pollution, package content, put-away details, product manipulation data, recipes, specifications, legal information, result analysis etc.

Of course, the data and classification, that are needed in the product sale, along with the information about the client of the item groups (country or region, colour, alcohol content, etc.) are hard to control. IFD navRetail provides flexible data management, describing the items. Every item group can be dynamically defined and saved as a template.

For a mobile sale with big quantity of item data is not necessary the trader to know every detail about the product if the data is entered in the central database. The system contains the whole information and makes it accessible for the user.

The more precise and full the support of the master data, the more possible it is for the sellers to achieve success in today’s dynamic market. The user has the option to answer the all questions and give arguments, that support the sale to the potential client in real-time. This allows them to focus best in the client needs while having fast-accessible and reliable information.

When extending the assortment of goods and services, a lot of information about the items should be entered in the system. IFD navRetail accepts that challenge, providing a functionality for importing of big files of data for the client items. That helps reducing the time and effort for adding and updating the data significantly.

Personalization and interface

IFD navRetail ERP solution can be configured according to the specific client’s requirements. The interface module is additionally enriched with functions, included in our portfolio, such as: IFD mTrade – mobile sales and orders, and IFD mStore – mobile warehouse management solution and warehouse automation.


The market is dynamic

The modern trade is more than just data. The precise and integrated solutions and work processes that generate a constant flow of products between vendors and clients, that are based on:

  • Precise, high-coordinated and efficient receipt and putting away of products (with lots, expiration date and other detail information)
  • Well-projected and planned processes of commissioning and internal warehouse movements
  • Quality and precise delivery of products
IFD mStore is an effective, profitable and multi-language warehouse solution that assures service quality. It has a built-in technology for in-vehicle mobile terminal work and that closes the chain of business processes. The manual entering of data when delivering or invoicing is significantly less while the speed and security grow. That allows the use of less human resources for the client.

If you want to learn more about IFD navRetail ERP solution, call us or send us a short inquiry through our contact form and we will be pleased to get in touch with you.

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