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Customized Solutions

Various standard software products are designed to be used in a number of different areas of business. Several of these standard software products have the ability to be customized for a specific business area to implement individual or special business logic, functionality, interfaces and / or the extend the data basis. This process is called “customizing” of the solution.

For more than 15 years, IFD has provided its extended knowledge of different business problems and solutions to customize standard software products for different business needs. We provide reliable, proven customer specific functionality, using modules and workflows, mainly in Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV in different releases.

In addition, migration, implementation, training, support and interfacing is a vital part of the professional service portfolio of IFD Consulting.

Recently in 2013, IFD also expanded their portfolio by customizing also the standard software solution Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM.

Project cycle “Customizing”

The standard procedure of our customization projects are based on the following steps:

  • Presentation of the standard functionalities of the base product
  • Definition and documentation on the present workflows and functionalities in the organization
  • Evaluation which of the specific functionality is already cover by IFD navRetail product add-on to (Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV)
  • Evaluation of the need and quantity to import data from the previously used system
  • Definition of necessary data interfaces in the new environment
  • Conclusion – which functionality has to be customized or added in the basing standard software solution
  • Definition of the overall IT-Hardware environment and needs like client systems, printing systems, database systems, server system and shop systems (only Omni channel environments)
  • Creation of hard and software plan
  • Creation of cost overview, level-based concept of integration and time planning
  • Installation of the based standard software solution in test and integration system
  • Repeated import of essential data from the previous system(s)
  • Description of customization to be done in the form of development descriptions
  • Engineering of customization based on these agreed development descriptions
  • Integrative test, evaluation and training and eventual stress testing of environment and customization
  • Going Live of standard customizations, often with on-site presence
  • Continuous training of departments and personnel, often in operative mode as Training on the Job
  • Support and Maintenance

Together with the customer, the standard functionality of the based standard solution, .e.g. Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Microsoft Dynamics CRM, is discussed and presented. Based on that, specific workflows, functionality, interfaces, environments and data is worked out together, with your staff and ours, in different groups on site, often in form of department-oriented meetings and finalized by IT management meetings.

Data import from previous system(s)

In most of the integration projects of new ERP or CRM systems, it is necessary to convert and import specific or even all data from system(s) previously used, because they may be replaced, partly or in whole by the new solution(s). Especially when talking about older or proprietary systems even with previously made customizations – this can sometimes be a major issue.

In various national and international projects IFD has proven its extended knowledge on how to successfully transfer large amounts of data from existing systems(s) into new and customized systems, including from older systems and various database types. As IFD has itself developed on different database systems over the time of 22 years, even knowledge about older systems may be still present and used in such projects.

Micrsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrade / Migration

In the last years, IFD performed also a number of migrations from older to actual Microsoft Dynamics NAV installations, also transforming older customizations and functionalities from the standard classic clients to the role-based clients (starting at NAV 2009). Planning to upgrade to recent Microsoft Dynamics NAV releases from NAV 2009 or below? Just get in contact with us.

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