Consulting, integration, best practices

The rich experience of IFD Engineering in development and integrating of complex IT projects shows that the successful development integration and software project configuration needs consulting and analysis of the state of the current client system. The consulting includes preview of the main business processes and functions and is performed in tight cooperation with the client, so that his requirements are complied in maximum.

The goal of consulting is to make an analysis of the momentary condition so that a scheme of collaboration, technical documentation and time plans for executing the software project are created – and for each stage of the schedule, a work meeting is due with the client.

Your requirements and optimum solution choice

Thanks to our long-term practice of complying with your requirements to the software solution and the expected results, we can offer an optimum variant, tailored for your needs. With the help of tested integrated solutions, client business processes analysis and vendor selection, the most important coordination and management of the project is made completely in favour of our clients.

Main consulting stages

  • Defining project requirements
  • Creation of technical specification with project requirements and tasks
  • Innovation consulting
  • Project integration and implementation consulting
  • Project management and coordination
  • Quality control


The innovative functions in the IT apps and technologies raise the customer interest and lead to not only finding new clients, but also keeping them.

The software companies and users expect innovation in the app functionality as well as in their usability. Winning the customer interest through innovations leads to finding new potential clients, and that sequentially can lead to lowering the costs and emphasizing the efficiency of the processes.

  • Productional and functional analysis
  • Possible innovation studies
  • Integrated development/Module development/Integration consulting
  • Project coordination and management
  • Quality control

Investment security and cost optimization

Cost optimization can lead to sustainable competitive advantage. With detailed study and offering alternative solutions, the budget can be shrunk and that way an investment security can be guaranteed.

The direct or indirect IT expenses, especially in the context of importance of information technology for the company can be a significant cost factor. Consistent analysis and planning of these cost factors can lead to significant savings without reducing the efficiency of investment, service and maintenance, or staff costs.

  • Cost analysis
  • Presentation of opportunities for cost optimization
  • Project coordination and management
  • IT cost management


Last studies show that the users do not make the best of the full functionality when they use complex software systems ( e.g. ERP systems or WMS systems) and that lowers the efficiency of the integrated software solution. Knowledge of the functional range, communication capabilities and interface of these systems helps creating an optimal and efficient solution for the client. Our range of trainings of key users in the different departments helps the client and their employees to master and learn the new technologies in depth, which allows them to apply their expertise in their work with the integrated system.

  • Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV
  • Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM
  • Microsoft SharePoint™
  • Microsoft Office™ – products
  • IFD product lines: warehouse management software, warehouse programs
  • Operating Systems
  • MS database systems
  • Custom software