Software solutions for more than 25 years

IFD Engineering Joint Venture LTD is founded in 1993 with central headquarters in Sofia. Ever since we develop effective and secure IT solutions successfully in the European market.

We are part of IFD Group and our work is focused on the WMS warehouse automation systems, ERP systems, mobile solutions, warehouse systems for mid-ranged and big companies, We have specialized in the development for the retail, and also for the mobile trade apps, which include orders receipt, sales and stocktaking in commercial sites.

ERP systems, mobile solutions and automation

Our portfolio consists of a big number integrated software solutions and automation of the processes in ERP systems and warehouse automation systems, based on proven in practice technologies. We seamlessly handle challenges such as hardware and software components to integrate successfully with the client-specific infrastructure.

Our products IFD mStore and IFD mTrade are developed for extending the ERP system functionality and optimization of the specific business processes. They are an opportunity for successful return on investment and are comfortable to use.

Certifications of IFD Engineering Joint Venture Ltd

IFD Engineering Joint Venture Ltd is certified on ISO 9001:2015 and is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner with specializations in Microsoft Dynamics Navision ™ and Mobility Solutions.

Strong partnership

As a Microsoft partner we have highly-valuable, tested standard products and a technological know-how for creating complex warehouse automation systems.
Thanks to our rich experience we develop complex and long-term IT solutions on a convenient price.

IT solutions for warehouse automation

Our long-term success is due to our skillful IT project management. We have experience in Bulgarian and international projects in different spheres: retail, wholesale, services, warehouse logistics, warehouse automation and production. This enables us to optimize the client’s business processes so well, that the software solutions lead to maximum value.

Consulting for WMS, RFID technologies, ERP systems and mobile systems

Our company develops, analyzes and integrates business processes and services  alongside with the client, and sets them according to the individual needs of every user and the specific business environment.

Our main areas for IT solutions are:

  • WMS systems for warehouse automation
  • Warehouse solutions for mid-ranged and big companies
  • ERP systems
  • CRM systems
  • Mobile solutions for accepting orders, sales and stocktaking in the commercial sites
  • Business intelligence systems


We constantly follow and analyze new technologies in the sphere of mobility, communications, ERP systems and warehouse management optimization, so we can apply them in the development of IT projects for our clients. For instance, by using RFID technology in systems for warehouse automation, a better management is acquired and  the implementation of robotized warehouse systems allow inter-warehouse movement and routes optimization.

Support and service 24/7

Our daily service provides full and fast support even in complex spheres like retail, wholesale, warehouse systems and production.

IFD Engineering LTD also provides International telephone/online and 24/7 support for you and your solutions. We have good internet connectivity, which enables us to support clients in different time zones through VPN and on-screen connection.

Warehouse automation – ERP systems – IFD Engineering Ltd

Warehouse automation – ERP systems – IFD Engineering Ltd